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Fortnite 5.40 Patch Notes Update: High Stakes Event, Getaway Mode, Grappler, and More

Epic Games has finally detailed the Fortnite 5.40 patch notes update, following a last-minute issue that saw the new patch delayed by 24 hours. Happily, the problems seem to have been resolved, meaning players can now get to downloading and installing the new update. Unfortunately, the Fortnite 5.40 update does indeed demand downtime. We expect this to last the usual 1-2 hours. The Fortnite 5.40 update implements the High Stakes event, which features the new Getaway limited time mode, and Grappler tool. Read on for the full patch notes highlights.

Fortnite 5.40 Patch Notes Update Highlights

Fortnite 5.40 Patch Notes

The highlights of the Fortnite 5.40 patch notes update revolves around the High Stakes event. This event features its own separate challenges that award themed skins and other goodies. The Getaway mode has players fight to secure a priceless jewel, which just happens to be a crystal llama. After grabbing the jewel from a special supply drop, the lucky squad must then proceed towards the getaway van. This van is suspended by balloons (it’s like a mini Battle Bus) and requires building to reach. This will no doubt combine to make for very intense encounters and super rewarding victories!

The new Grappler item allows players to surmount tall buildings in rapid fashion. Surprise enemies by quickly grappling up to them. It’s a pretty powerful bit of kit, but only has a limited number of uses. Players using it wisely should be able to even the odds against even the most prolific builders. No longer does building high mean winning the fight!

Fans of the revolver will no doubt be sad to see it go. This weapon has been added to the vault, where it may be tweaked and modified for another outing.

Players will also now be able to find Boogie Bombs in stacks of two, and shields can be stacked into groups of three. Several weapon rarities have also changed: C4 has been bumped up a rarity, while dual pistols and the silent pistol have been made a little more common.

For the full list of Fortnite 5.40 patch notes, which include the more minor (yet still very much appreciated) changes and fixes, head on over to the Epic Games website here.