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Fortnite 5.40 Release Date: When Will Fortnite Update 5.40 Drop?

A new patch for Fortnite is time for fear and celebration, as beloved weapons and features change or disappear and new ideas take their place. Fortnite Update 5.40 is nearly here with a range of changes to the world’s biggest game, but when is the Fortnite 5.40 release date? We’ve got the full details direct from the team, which you can check out below, along with what we can expect to see from the new update.

Fortnite 5.40 Release Date: When is the new release date?

Original the 5.40 update was supposed to drop today, but now Epic Games has announced that the patch will be delayed until later this week. Fortnite 5.40 will have a release date of this Thursday, September 6th. This includes the patch and the recently announced High Stakes challenges. According to the developer, this delay is down to a “critical controller issue” which the team presumably discovered too late to fix.

What’s in Fortnite Update 5.40

There are a number of big updates coming in Fortnite 5.40. High Stakes, the new limited-time mode, is probably the most exciting, which sees four players team up to undertake a kind of heist and subsequent getaway. Players have to get to a safe, grab the loot inside, and make it to a getaway van before the other players hunt them down.

As for the update itself, 5.40 will add some small but significant changes. The biggest is a new feature called Storm Damage, where the storm now does damage to player-built structures. This will affect the end-game of matches where the safe zone becomes really small, and players keep building upwards. Now their structures will be destroyed as the Storm closes in, making end-games more intense.

The trusty Revolver will be Vaulted in 5.40, “as part of an initiative to keep the item pool feeling fresh and dynamic,” according to Epic. C4 Remote Explosives will go from Rare to Epic, and both Boogie Bombs and Shields will have their stack size increased so players can carry more. It may also see the introduction of the new Grappler gun. We’ll find out this Thursday.