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Fortnite Airlift Glider: How to Get the Fortnite Airlift Glider

The names and rarities of several items leaked from the Fortnite 5.40 update files have been discovered, thanks to dataminers. A bunch of new gliders will be arriving in the battle royale game in the coming weeks, and one of those is the Fortnite Airlift Glider. Read on below to find out how to get it.

Fortnite Airlift Glider: What is the Fortnite Airlift Glider?

The Fortnite Airlift Glider is an Epic glider, which looks like a white rescue helicopter adorned with a red cross symbol. It may not look like much but the front and back propellers do move in motion when gliding, so it does at least have that going for it. Besides that, it might be the perfect glider for players who want to look like they’re actually swooping down and saving the day, like pilots in a real rescue helicopter.

Additionally, the Airlift glider is also part of the Support Squadron Set. That totally makes sense, and we could be seeing similarly themed designs with the other items in the set. Support vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances could fit the theme. The description for the Fortnite Airlift Glider reads: “Glide to the rescue.” Check out the video below to see the Airlift Glider in motion.

Fortnite Airlift Glider: How to Get the Fortnite Airlift Glider

Considering that the Airlift glider was part of a leak, we have no details yet on exactly how to get it. However, based on past gliders, it could simply be available in Fortnite Item Shop and players could just fork out some V-bucks to obtain it. There’s also the possibility of Epic Games adding more challenges in the future, which might feature the Support Squadron Set as a reward. Whatever it is, we might be seeing players gliding to rescue on one of these Airlift Gliders sometime in the near future.