Fortnite Grappler Charges: Can I Get More Grappler Charges?

Chances are, you’ve just gotten to grips with the new Fortnite Grappler. In all likelihood, you’ve been zooming around, zipping from building to building… until the Grappler charges run out. These things happen, I guess. But what happens when you want to re-use the Fortnite Grappler? Do you have to suffer through an agonizing wait time, or can you get more Fortnite Grappler charges? Read on to find out.

Fortnite Grappler Charges: Can I Get More Grappler Charges?

So, this isn’t good news I’m afraid. While Epic’s new plaything may look cool as all hell, there has to be a limit, lest we have everyone swinging from the rooftops and plunging their way down structures all the time.

As of right now, there is no official way to get more Fortnite Grappler charges. Dropping the weapon and picking it back up does not replenish the Fortnite Grappler charge. To avoid any imminent urban myths spreading around playgrounds and offices across the globe: there is also no such thing as a Fortnite Grappler charge consumable. You get the item, which is listed as a weapon, and that’s your lot.

Fortnite Grappler Charges: How Many Grappler Charges Are There?

Not to go all Sesame Street but, count ’em, you only have 15 Grappler harges at your disposal. Use them all up and, poof, they’re gone and there’s no going back. To reitirate: both the maximum and minimum amount if 15. There’s no different rarity type that allows for more or fewer Grappler charges, though that would be a pretty nice inclusion in future updates. Call me, Epic.

You can, of course, pick up the Fortnite Grappler from downed foes, but they, too, are only limited to 15 and, in all likelihood, they will have already partially used the charges. Those charges also don’t reset to zero.