Fortnite Field Surgeon Skin: Epic Skin Leaked

Yet another outfit found in the recent leak is the Fortnite Field Surgeon Skin. This Epic skin will of course not be available straight away but will be coming in the near future. So, how will you be able to obtain this medic-themed outfit? Read on and find out as we dive into the Field Surgeon skin cost, what it looks like, and more.

What Is the Fortnite Field Surgeon Skin?

The Fortnite Field Surgeon Skin is one of the upcoming Epic outfits coming to the game that was found in the recent data mine. It depicts a female battle medic, ready to save those in need out in the battlefield. Could this skin offer some added benefits because of its theme? Most likely not considering all other outfits have been simply cosmetic. It is, however, linked to some other leaked items through its medical aesthetic. These other items include the Airlift Glider, the Triage Trooper Outfit, and the Care Package Back Bling, to name a few.

How To Get The Fortnite Field Surgeon Skin

With all these leaked outfits, there is no guarantee of how players will be able to obtain them. The most likely way the Fortnite Field Surgeon Skin will be unlockable will be through the Item Shop. This is because previous skins and items that had the same theming were released together in the store for the game. Since this is an Epic Skin, expect it to cost 1,500 V-Bucks if it is available in this manner.

But with all skins, there is a possibility that they will be available through the Battle Pass. The case for this outfit could be that you will be able to unlock it by gaining tiers in the battle pass. Considering how late in Season 5 that this skin has been leaked, do not expect it to appear up this way until the next season.

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