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No Man’s Sky 1.59 Update: What’s Changed in the New No Man’s Sky Update?

Sean Murray, the creator of No Man’s Sky, has shared the details of the No Man’s Sky 1.59 update on his official Twitter page. In the tweet, he says that the new No Man’s Sky update includes “new decals, emotes, base-building parts, a new community mission, quick-menu hot keys, body shapes, tessellation on PS4/Xbox One X, mission fixes and more.” This guide is going to break the update down in detail, so that you can see exactly what’s going on with the Xbox One version, plus the No Man’s Sky PS4 update.

No Man’s Sky 1.59 Update: New Mission

First of all, the update addresses a brand new community mission. The official notes read:

“Beginning on Thursday 6th September, (Specialist Polo) will reach out to all explorers and once again request their assistance in documenting the changes taking place in the fabric of reality.”

The mission involves conducting tests on the fauna of a planet in order to examine the correlation between their diets and Hex Core contamination. The reward for this mission is Quicksilver, which can be exchanged for some brand new items at Polo’s Quicksilver Synthesis Bot. These items include new base building parts, the customizable Blazing Orbit helmet, and “a pair of touching decal portraits of Nada and Polo themselves.” It has also been stated that the Quicksilver Synthesis Bot will have even more new items on offer over the coming weeks. Also, the update includes a brand new laughing gesture, which allows Travellers “to experience joy,” so you can rejoice after collecting all of that Quicksilver.

No Man’s Sky 1.59 Update: Patch Notes

So, the patch notes, when broken down, basically reveal the following information about the No Man’s Sky PS4 update and its Xbox equivalent:

New items have been added to Polo’s Quicksilver Synthesis Bot, as mentioned above. Over the coming weeks, more items will be added, too. After this, the rest of the patch notes deal with bug fixes.

The first fix is in relation to saving your discoveries. Apparently, some people had issues with saving their discoveries, so Hello Games has remedied the issue. Discoveries save as they should now. Also, players with a specific number of inventory slots would have other slots hidden by the game’s UI. As of 1.59, this no longer happens.

Some players encountered difficulties in relation to returning to the correct galaxy after completing certain missions. This, as well as the issue in relation to portals closing prematurely. has been fixed. Players no longer end up at the wrong planet post-mission. Similar bugs have also been removed, as players no longer get stuck on a black screen, and the starship can now land even after a player has changed mission. Players in the wrong galaxy can also return to their home galaxy now, via the first entry in the Space Station Teleport list.

Finally, the bug which caused players with corrupt saves to have no ship upon recovery has been fixed.

No Man’s Sky 1.59: Future Plans

The page that Murray’s tweet links to also includes something rather unusual: a sneak peek at Hello Games’ future plans for No Man’s Sky. These plans include an upcoming bug fix that will allow shared bases to download while players are exploring. Hello Games also plans to change the attack behaviors of Biological Horrors.

Hello Games also plans to enable terrain tesselation on PS4 and Xbox One X, which will enable “detailed terrain height maps without sacrificing performance.”

More options will be added to the appearance customization suite, as the developers hope to increase the diversity of characters in No Man’s Sky. Also, PC players will be able to benefit from Hotkey Bindings now, which will allow them to access menu options quickly by using a keyboard shortcut for the sake of convenience.

The statement concludes with Murray signing off, announcing that there are exciting times ahead for fans of No Man’s Sky, as the Hello Games team will strive to add even more content in the coming weeks.