Spider-Man PS4 Mister Negative: Who is the New Spider-Man PS4 Villain?

Read all about it. I’ve got your Spider-Man PS4 Mister Negative origins and trivia right here, fresh off the presses. While the new Spider-Man PS4 villain was introduced to the masses at E3 2016, many will have known about Mister Negative from beyond video games and into the comic book panels. However, he is, relatively speaking, a recent addition to the Spider-Man rogues’ gallery. Here’s all you need to know as a primer for the Spider-Man PS4 villain Mister Negative before you knock his block off all around Manhattan.

Spider-Man PS4 Mister Negative: Who is the Spider-Man PS4 Villain?

Debuting shortly after the conclusion of the One More Day storyline in 2008 in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #546, Martin Li (AKA Mister Negative) arrived on the scene as a supposedly altruistic figure. However, he (of course) was hiding a dark secret in the shape of running a Chinese crime syndicate, all while maintaining a kindly forward-facing persona as benefactor of a soup kitchen in downtown Manhattan. He’s been a thorn in Spidey’s side ever since, though he has also grappled with his dual identity thanks to transforming into Mister Negative rather than outright being him.

Mister Negative’s powers range from being able to heal people through the power of touch, to the standard fare of supervillains: superhuman strength, energy beams from his hands, and being able to manipulate people at will.

Spider-Man PS4 Mister Negative: Other Video Game Appearances

While Spider-Man PS4 is the first appearance of Mister Negative as a main villain, he has been referenced in Spider-Man: Edge of Time and the Amazing Spider-Man series of games but never seen. He playable, however, in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 where he utilizes an electric sword in combat but, due to only being around for a decade in the comics, Martin Li’s alter-ego hasn’t popped up anywhere else.