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Overwatch World Cup: US Versus Canada

The second round of the Overwatch World Cup matches are set to air this weekend, and the Battle for North America is all that’s on anyone’s mind. Team Canada and Team USA are heavy favorites to be the teams from Group B to move on to the Quarter Finals at BlizzCon 2018, but who will emerge victorious?

Overwatch World Cup: Team USA

Team USA is one of the stronger teams in the 2018 Overwatch World Cup, and has been rather successful historically, having made it to the quarterfinals in both 2016 and 2017. This year, their lineup consists of the following players:

  • Joao “Hydration” Pedro Goes Telles
  • Grant “Moth” Espe
  • Austin “Muma” Wilmot
  • Shane “Rawkus” Flaherty
  • Jay “sinatraa” Won
  • Indy “SPACE” Halpern
  • Zachary “ZachaREEE” Lombardo

On Support, Team USA has Houston Outlaws’ Rawkus, and San Francisco Shock’s Moth. On main tank is Rawkus’ Outlaws teammate Muma, whereas LA Valiant’s SPACE will be taking on off-tank duties. Team USA has brought three DPS players to the 2018 Overwatch World Cup, including Contenders player ZachaREEE, who could well be seen making his Overwatch League debut in Season 2. Known for his Widowmaker play, he will likely be the team’s go to sniper. Hydration, from the LA Gladiators, is Team USA’s main DPS player, and San Francisco Shock’s sinatraa will likely be the team’s go-to Tracer.

This team’s strongest asset is their impenetrable tank line. Muma has established himself as one of the Overwatch League’s most dominant main tanks, whereas SPACE’s talents on off-tank helped to convert the LA Valiant into a top-tier team. Whether they’re playing dive, or Rein/Zarya, Team USA’s tanks will be a force to be reckoned with.

Overwatch World Cup: Team Canada

Team Canada didn’t get out of the group stages in the inaugural Overwatch World Cup back in 2016, but they were runners up last year, having lost out in the final to a dominant South Korea side. This year, they’ve brought a different support duo, and added NotE to the lineup, but the other four players are returning to the 2018 Overwatch World Cup with a vengeance. Their roster for this year is as follows:

  • Brady “Agilities” Girardi
  • Chris “Bani” Benell
  • William “Crimzo” Hernandez
  • Liam “Mangachu” Campbell
  • Lucas “NotE” Meissner
  • Lane “Surefour” Roberts
  • Felix “xQc” Lengyel

On support, Canada will be rolling out with Houston Outlaws’ Bani, as well as Team Envy’s Crimzo. The tank line will consist of Boston Uprising’s NotE, who will likely be on D.Va, and ex-Dallas Fuel main tank xQc. Although xQc is a very controversial player, he is one of the strongest main tanks in ladder right now, and his talents will be essential to Team Canada’s strategy.

XL2’s Mangachu will be one of three DPS players, alongside LA Valiant’s flex DPS Agilities, and LA Gladiator’s Lane “Surefour” Roberts. Surefour proved that he was one of the best DPS players in town during the Overwatch All-Star Weekend, during which he placed first in the Widowmaker 1v1 tournament. Team Canada’s star-studded DPS roster will be tough to deal with, especially with xQc controlling engagement from main tank position.

Team USA and Team Canada’s Group B kicks off today, September 7, and the two titans will clash on Sunday, September 9. Tune in on Twitch on Sunday to catch the Battle for North America live!