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Fortnite Fist Pump Emote: How to Get it

Epic Games has released the latest Fortnite emote, and it’s called the Fortnite Fist Pump emote. It’s a simple emote which doesn’t feature any music whatsoever. Despite that, and only costing a measly 200 V-Bucks, it’s still pretty interesting, to say the least. Read on below to find out how players can get the Fortnite Fist Pump emote.

Fortnite Fist Pump Emote: What is the Fortnite Fist Pump Emote?

The Fortnite Fist Pump is an Uncommon emote in the battle royale game. The description reads “Emphatically flailing fists,” which is basically what it is. The new emote is essentially just the character flailing its hands in the air before triumphantly punching the air with its fist, hence why it is called the Fist Pump emote. Unfortunately for fans of emotes with music, this one is devoid of any tunes. Take a look at the new emote in action below.

Fortnite Fist Pump Emote: How to Get the Fortnite Fist Pump Emote

The Fortnite Fist Pump isn’t part of any particular themed set. Players don’t even have to complete any special challenges to unlock the new emote. They simply need to head on over to the Fortnite Items Shop and look for the new skin, which should be available starting today on September 7, 2018. Furthermore, it’s not even that expensive, costing a mere 200 V-bucks, which means that it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

However, if you’re looking for emotes which comes with music, there are several good ones available right now if you have enough V-bucks to spare. The Fortnite Dance Therapy emote, which is based on Kevin Bacon’s warehouse dance in the original Footloose, will set you back 800 V-bucks. For a cheaper but equally exciting emote, check out the Fortnite Fancy Feet emote, which costs only 500 V-bucks and is probably inspired by the late Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean dance moves.