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Destiny 2 Gambit Guide: How to Win Gambit Mode

Destiny 2 has a new expansion, Forsaken, out now. With it comes a lot of changes and fresh features, and there’s also a brand new mode called Gambit. In our Destiny 2 Gambit Guide we’ll show you everything you need to know about Gambit Mode, and, most importantly, how to win at it. Well, if you’re good enough anyway…

What is Gambit Mode in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Gambit Mode combines both PvP and PvE, with two teams competing against waves of the minions of Darkness. The teams consist of four players, and the first team to kill a certain number of enemies face off against a boss. Once that boss is dead, that team wins. It’s not just a straight Horde mode with two teams however, as either side can invade and disrupt the other team at any time. Every move you make is a gambit, hence the name.

Enemies drop Light Motes when they die, which have to be collected and taken to the deposit station at the centre of the map. Once 75 Motes are banked, the boss appears. The catch is that opposing players can invade your game at any time, and worse, NPC enemies will not attack them. They’ll just try to kill you, so you better kill them first. Of course you can always invade their side, but then your team will be a player down.

Tips on How to Win Gambit Mode

Gambit Mode is all about speed. Taking down enemies, collecting Motes, stopping opponent players from invading and killing your side, finishing off the boss… it all has to be done as quickly as possible. Use fast firing guns or more powerful weapons that will take out multiple enemies at once, or other players down fast and smooth.

If you’re not sure what to do, just run around killing basic enemies, collecting Motes, and depositing them. Gambit basically boils down to getting to 75 Motes as fast as your team can, so collecting them should be your top priority. That goes double if your teammates aren’t doing it. If possible, try and go around in pairs: one for attack, one for defense and collection duty, although you can take it in turns. Remember if you die you’ll lose all the Motes you’re carrying, so don’t wait too long to bank them.

The final boss will be one of the toughest enemies in Destiny 2, so make sure your Super Ability is charged up, and you have a few shots in a rocket launcher or similarly powerful weapon to use against it. Assume you might get invaded at any point as well, so be ready for those enemy players. Oh, and… try not to die. This Destiny 2 Gambit guide can’t help you not die.