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Fortnite Recon Scout Skin Item Shop: Why Has Recon Scout Replaced Grill Sergeant?

The Fortnite Recon Scout skin is one of the rarest outfits in the game, thanks to it being unavailable for almost a year now. Well, skin collectors take note, for the Recon Skin is back in the Item Shop. It isn’t clear why exactly the Recon Skin has returned, but I’m sure the more hardcore players amongst you won’t be complaining. Unfortunately, for those hoping to get the new Grill Sergeant skin, it appears to have been replaced by the old school Recon Scout. It isn’t clear why this is, and developer Epic Games hasn’t yet made any official comment.

How to Unlock the Recon Scout Fortnite Skin

Fortnite Recon Scout

Up until now, the Fortnite Recon Scout skin was previously only available to those who picked it up during 2017. This makes it one of the rarer skins in the game, with very few players owning it. Fortunately, for those who missed out on it back in November 2017, it’s now back in the Item Shop. The 1,200 V-Bucks price tag is a little steep, but I imagine many passionate fans will want to pick it up. Who knows when the Fortnite Recon Scout skin will next be available! It could be never!

Why Has Recon Scout Replaced Grill Sergeant in the Fortnite Item Shop?

As mentioned above, it isn’t yet clear why the Recon Scout has replaced the Grill Sergeant in the Fortnite Item Shop. Until we receive official word from Epic Games, we won’t know the reason for the swap, or if the Grill Sergeant will return.

If you managed to grab the Grill Sergeant during the short time that it was available, then congratulations! You’ll now be able to head into games and show off your rather unique skin. Everyone else, you can instead grab the previously super-rare Fortnite Recon Scout outfit.