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Fortnite Grill Sergeant: When Is the Grill Sergeant Skin Coming Back?

The Fortnite Durr Burger set was initially leaked earlier in August. Epic Games has finally released one of the outfits in the set, and it’s the Fortnite Grill Sergeant skin. However, a problem occurred and it looks like the skin is currently unavailable, having been replaced by the Fortnite Recon Scout skin. Read on below to find out the possible Grill Sergeant skin return date.

Fortnite Grill Sergeant: What is the Grill Sergeant Skin?

The Fortnite Grill Sergeant is an Uncommon outfit, and it is part of the Durr Burger set. The whole set includes the likes of the Fortnite Beef Boss skin, the Deep Fried backpack, the Flying Saucer glider, and the Fortnite Patty Whacker. The developer is really going all out with its fast food theme, with a complete ensemble for those looking to be a Durr Burger employee. The description for the outfit reads: “Make it sizzle,” which sounds like a great catchphrase for all the fry cooks out there.

Fortnite Grill Sergeant: How to Get the Grill Sergeant Skin

It should have been pretty easy to obtain the Fortnite Grill Sergeant skin, just by heading on over to the Fortnite Item Shop and forking out 800 V-Bucks to purchase it. However, there has been an issue with the outfit ever since it was released earlier today. It was removed from the Fortnite Item Shop merely hours after being added in the battle royale game. Players reported multiple bugs afflicting the outfit after equipping it and using it in the game.

The outfit isn’t appearing as it should in-game, with some players reporting invisible characters with disappearing bodies and getting stuck with their default skin even after equipping the Grill Sergeant skin. Epic Games has recently posted on Twitter, confirming that it is actively investigating issues with the Fortnite Grill Sergeant skin.