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Overwatch Busan Release Date: When Does Busan Release On PS4/Xbox One?

Overwatch‘s newest map, Busan, released on the game’s PTR (public test realm) on August 22, 2018. The PTR, however, is only available to a select few who play Overwatch on PC. New content always takes a little longer to be released on consoles, but the Overwatch Busan release date is on the horizon.

Overwatch Busan Release Date: When Does Busan Release On PS4/Xbox One?

Busan, based on the South Korean city of the same name, is a Control map. This means that the map is split into three different parts, like it is on Lijiang Tower, or Oasis. Busan’s three locations are Downtown, Sanctuary, and MEKA Base. Those who have played or seen Busan will know that it’s probably the most detailed and environmentally complex maps the game has seen to date. It’s no wonder that everybody seems so eager to play it.

Luckily, it won’t be long before people can. Usually, new heroes and maps spend about three weeks or so on the PTR before they’re released on consoles. The newest map before Busan, Rialto, spent a similar amount of time on the PTR, as did the game’s two most recent heroes: Brigitte and Wrecking Ball.

Three weeks from August 22 would bring us to Wednesday, September 12, but Overwatch updates usually land on Tuesdays or Thursdays, as indicated by Blizzard’s scheduled maintenance page. This means that Busan will likely be released on PS4 and Xbox One on either Tuesday, September 11, or Thursday, September 13. This isn’t confirmed, but seems very likely based on past trends. If you see a big update on Tuesday or Thursday, you’ll know exactly what’s being updated.

Although Busan will be released on consoles soon, it will only be available as a quick play map for the first few weeks. This is to allow players to become familiar with the map before having to play it in Competitive.