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Fortnite Evil Brite Bomber: What Does The Secret Week 10 Loading Screen Mean?

In the Week 10 Secret Loading Screen, we can see a Fortnite Evil Brite Bomber. What does this mean for the game as a whole? Will we get evil versions of other Fortnite skins? Or will there be a complete alternate evil map that will be revealed at the beginning of Season six? Let’s dig in and find out.

What Is The Fortnite Evil Brite Bomber?

With the recent leaks for the game, we got a glimpse at the secret loading screen for Week 10 of Season five of the battle royale game. It shows a normal Brite Bomber touching the purple cubes that have been appearing up, with her reflection showing a Fortnite Evil Brite Bomber.

This malevolent reflection of Brite Bomber has a more villainous look on her face with what looks like cracks in her face that could be surging with evil power.

What Does The Fortnite Evil Brite Bomber Mean?

The Fortnite Evil Brite Bomber opens season six of the game to whole new possibilities. The Fortnite Cloaked Star Skin that we have covered before, could be a hint to the wider meaning of the Week 10 Loading Screen. This skin looks like a darker version of the Carbide skin that came out multiple seasons ago. Combine that leaked skin and this loading screen, and we might be seeing a Mirror, Mirror -esque theme to the new season.

Not only will be likely getting mirror versions of classic skins —like with Fortnite Evil Brite Bomber— but the map might be changing itself. If the cubes are leading to an alternate evil world, we might be getting things like the water at Loot Lake turning into lava for instance. But for now, all we can do is wait.

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