Undertale Switch Release Date: When Is Undertale Coming To The Switch?

Ever since it was announced, many fans have been asking when the Undertale Switch Release Date is. The quirky-indie RPG was revealed to be coming to the Nintendo Switch earlier this year and many are excited to see it on Nintendo’s portable-hybrid console. So when will it release on the Switch? Let’s dig in and find out.

When Is The Undertale Switch Release Date?

The Undertale Switch Release date will be 18 September 2018. This release date will be three years and three days from the original release of the game. The Japanese release for the game will interestingly be exactly three years after the initial release, coming out 15 September. With the US release of the game, there will also be a collector’s edition from FanGamer. It will include:

  • A physical, boxed copy of Undertale for the Nintendo Switch with a slipcase
  • A “complete” soundtrack of the game which includes over 100 songs over two CDs
  • A sheet music booklet for some of the music found in the game, with annotations from the game’s composer and creator Toby Fox
  • A heart-shaped 14k gold music box locket with what looks like Papyrus’s writing inscribed on it
  • A collector’s box to house all of the extras in
  • 24-page “story booklet” illustrated by one of the main artists of the game, Temmie Chang

This collector’s edition was also where the Western Undertale Switch Release Date was originally hinted at.

With the upcoming Undertale Switch Release date, fans of the critically acclaimed game will be able to nab it off of the Nintendo Switch eShop for $14.99, or $29.99 for the physical edition. Undertale originally released 15 September 2015 on PC. It tasked players to take the role of a nameless protagonist who has fallen into an underground world filled with kind monsters. It was praised for its unique morality system and humor.

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