Undertale Switch Is Getting a Collector’s Edition

FanGamer has announced that an Undertale Switch Collector’s Edition is coming soon for $69.00. The premium version will be very similar to the previous collector’s editions of the indie RPG on other platforms. It also has hinted further at a specific release date for the game on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

The Nintendo Switch collector’s edition comes with all of the same extras found on other consoles:

  • A physical, boxed copy of Undertale for the Nintendo Switch with a slipcase
  • A “complete” soundtrack of the game which includes over 100 songs over two CDs
  • A sheet music booklet for some of the music found in the game, with annotations from the game’s composer and creator Toby Fox
  • A heart-shaped 14k gold music box locket with what looks like Papyrus’s writing inscribed on it
  • A collector’s box to house all of the extras in
  • 24-page “story booklet” illustrated by one of the main artists of the game, Temmie Chang


Pre-orders for the physical edition for the game are available right now for both the collector’s and standard editions, the latter of which will cost $29.99. The physical release will also be available to purchase from Best Buy in the United States. There is no word yet on whether or not this edition will be available in other territories down the line.

It is worth noting that, on the collector’s edition pre-order page, FanGamer promises that buyers will receive their game in September, which possibly points to when we could see the Switch version. Amazon.co.jp unveiled the September 15 date for Japan, which coincides with Undertale‘s third anniversary. Given the timing, it is possible that the Western release could also be the same date to celebrate the occasion.

Undertale originally released on Microsoft Windows and OS X September 15, 2015 while the PS4 and PS Vita versions came out in 2017.