Audiosurf Steam Achievements

Steam Achievements

Unlockable              How to Unlock
Big KahunaScore 17000 points in a single match.
Laser ShowCollect matches in 4 colors simultaneously.
PPM 10,00010000 points per minute. 3 minute minimum.
PPM 30,00030000 points per minute. 3 minute minimum.
Royal RideEarn Gold without overfilling. 2 min minimum.
SnowstormCollect a chain reaction of 7 white blocks.
Spotlight FinishFinish Clean, Gold before finish, hit last block, elite only.
StainlessEarn Clean Finish and Gold 3 times in a row.
Stealth AdeptUsing Ninja Mono, earn Stealth. 3 min minimum.
Stealth LegendUsing Ninja Mono, earn Stealth. 11 min minimum.
Stealth MasterUsing Ninja Mono, earn Stealth. 7 min minimum.