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PUBG New Gun: PUBG Mobile 0.80 Patch Notes

A PUBG new gun is expected to arrive when Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds mobile update 0.80 officially releases September 12, 2018. Here are the notable details to expect from this update.

Although its not officially out yet, the update has been released in China and is likely the same for the states. This assumption is based on the fact that Sanhok map is part of this update and has already been confirmed to arrive in update 0.80 for the western audience.

PUBG New Gun: Gun Updates

Enjoy the QBZ assault rifle which will be randomly place around Sanhok and require 5.56mm bullets. This update also adds in a flare gun that can be used to signal a super airdrop. It can be “summoned in the play zone, and a Bulletproof UAZ can be summoned outside the play zone.” Look for it in classic mode for a limited time.

As far as other gun changes, expect to see a duckbill muzzle for the S1897 and S12K which will reduce the vertical spread of shotgun bullets while increasing the horizontal spread. The range of shotgun bullets will now be more densely distributed and can even hit enemies under water, although the damage inflicted will decrease.

Say goodbye to the M24 when it comes to airdrops. However, you’ll still come across it as it will be randomly placed around the map. Note the damage will be balanced to 79 now.

PUBG New Gun: Other Notable Elements

As mentioned earlier, the new rainforest map (Sanhok) will open to players. You’ll get to view data from previous seasons using the new “Season Archive” function. In addition to general weapon balancing and fixed bugs, you can hop into two new vehicles: Bulletproof UAZ Jeep and Muscle Car.

One notable tweak to matchmaking is now players can choose their own play strategy before matching to increase the odds of being with gamers who play similarly to you. Whether or not that actually leads to more exciting/fair matches will be up to the community to decide.