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Fortnite Vaulted Weapons List: Which Guns Have Been Vaulted in Fortnite?

The Fortnite Drum Gun is the latest weapon to have been removed from Fortnite. Epic Games have a history of moving weapons into The Vault: a place where weapons go to die. Placed in the Vault are weapons and items that proved too powerful, or not popular enough. As such, there are a number of Fortnite vaulted weapons. What are the Fortnite guns in the vault? Below you’ll find the definitive Fortnite vaulted weapons list.

Fortnite Vaulted Weapons: Why Are Guns Vaulted?

Epic Games throw weapons into the vault for varying reasons, however. Take the drum gun for example. The new Fortnite 5.40 update has removed the gun. During Season 4 and most of Season 5, the drum gun was used by just about everybody. This was thanks to its insane power, reload speed and ease of use. Since then, however, it has been on the receiving end of nerf, after nerf, after nerf. Now, Epic Games has simply decided to remove it. At least, it’s gone for the time being. The drum gun, as with every weapon in the vaulted list, isn’t gone forever and could come back as a part of a future update.

Fortnite Vaulted Weapons List: What Guns Have Been Sent to the Vault?

Including all variants, there are a total of 14 different guns which have been vaulted in Fortnite. Each one of these weapons has been removed for one reason or another. The complete list of vaulted weapons in Fortnite can be found below:

  • Zapotron
  • Submachine Gun (Common, Uncommon, and Rare)
  • Crossbow (Rare and Epic)
  • Tactical Submachine Gun (Uncommon, Rare, and Epic)
  • Revolver (Common, Uncommon, and Rare)
  • Drum Gun (Uncommon and Rare)

While these weapons are gone, for now, there is no guarantee that they will be gone forever. Perhaps we’ll see some of them come back during future updates.