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Is the Fortnite Drum Gun OP?

The 4.5 Content Update introduced the weapon, but just how good is it, and is the Fortnite drum gun OP? Allow me to run through the specs for you, detailing what exactly makes this weapon interesting, before deciding whether the Fortnite drum gun is in need of a nerf, or even a buff!

Is the Fortnite Drum Gun OP?

The Fortnite drum gun was first seen during a datamining effort on the 4.5 update. That patch featured drum gun assets that were ready to be introduced into the game. With the Fortnite 4.5 Content Update having now implemented the gun for all Battle Royale players to use, we can finally give it a go and see just how powerful it is.

On paper, the Fortnite drum gun has some compelling stats. The most significant one is the magazine size, which is huge at 50 rounds. Players will be able to keep on spraying bullets at enemies without needing to reload. Those with a good aim may take down two or three enemies with a single mag, which is a bit insane. This also makes it great for laying down suppressive fire, with a constant stream of damaging projectiles hitting enemy cover and forcing them to keep their heads down.

fortnite drum gun op

If you’re hunting for the Fortnite drum gun in-game, your best bet is to check floor loot, chests, and vending machines. It uses medium ammo, so you’ll want to bear that in mind if you’re planning to spray and pray like crazy. There are two drum gun variants: the Uncommon which kicks out 26 damage, and the Rare which deals 27.

What makes the Fortnite drum gun potentially OP is its rarity. Being able to easily find the Uncommon version of this weapon means a lot of players will be using it. Those 50 rounds are going to deal a lot of hurt in the early game!

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