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Fortnite Drum Gun: What Is the New Tommy Gun Weapon?

The Fortnite drum gun is a freshly datamined weapon that is likely to soon be added to the game, which is great for old-school Tommy gun enthusiasts like me! Reportedly found within the update 4.5 game files, the Fortnite Tommy gun is of the assault rifle variety, which is different to the submachine class it calls home in other games. Read on for the full guide to the Fortnite drum gun.

Fortnite Drum Gun: What Is the New Tommy Gun Weapon?

As mentioned above, the Fortnite drum gun is a new weapon that is supposedly coming soon to the game. The datamine information comes from the reliable @TwoEpicBuddies on Twitter, who has explained that the Fortnite Tommy gun will be available in Green and Blue rarities, and is classed as an assault rifle. This should give players an idea of how it will act in battle, presumably being more capable at medium to longer ranges, and becoming less effective up close. The Uncommon variant boasts 26 damage, a fire rate of 9, a beefy magazine size at 50, and reloads in 3.15 seconds. The Rare edition deals 27 damage per shot, has the same fire rate at 9, matches the magazine size of 50, and has a reload time of 3 seconds (via

Fortnite Drum Gun Release Date

fortnite drum gun

As is always the case with these datamined files, everything found with update 4.5 could be released as early as today, or as late as months from now. Epic Games has often delayed content due to bugs that crop up during final testing phases, or release them earlier as a surprise to the community. As the dual pistols have just been added, I think it’s expected that the Fortnite drum gun release date will be next week or during Season 5.

As soon as the Fortnite drum gun is implemented, we’ll let you know, in addition to the weapon’s stats, location, and other important details. Stay tuned!