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Fortnite Dual Pistols Stats: What Is the Dual Pistols Damage?

The 4.5 update introduced Fortnite dual pistols to the game, a new weapon that is now featured in the Battle Royale component. Two is clearly better than one in terms of damage output, but what exactly are the Fortnite dual pistols stats, and where can you get your hands on this new Fortnite weapon? Here’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite dual pistols damage, location, and more!

Fortnite Dual Pistols Damage

Let’s dive right into the Fortnite dual pistols damage numbers. The dual pistol Epic variant dishes out 41 base damage, while the Legendary version gets a boost with 43 base damage. Each pull of the trigger fires both pistols, using up a supply of medium ammo. The Fortnite dual pistol rarities are limited to just Epic and Legendary, meaning they may be a little tricky to find about the map.

Fortnite Dual Pistols Location

If you’re looking specifically for the Fortnite dual pistol weapon, you’ll be happy to know that they can pop up in a variety of places. Standard floor loot and chests spawn the dual pistols, and they also appear in supply drops. Search for long enough and you should come across them during a round.

If you see or hear another player shooting the Fortnite two pistols combo, you could always head directly for them. Why bother searching for loot on your own, when you can just take it from others?!

Fortnite Dual Pistols First-Shot Accuracy

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Fortnite dual pistol first-shot accuracy is unfortunately non-existent. This weapon does not benefit from the first-shot accuracy mechanic, meaning they always have an element of random spread. Make sure you remember this when trying to engage enemies that are out of range, as you could end up missing completely and alerting them to your presence.

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