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PUBG Mobile New Map Release Date: When is the PUBG Mobile Sanhok Release Date?

Don’t worry, iOS and Android fans, you’re not going without. The PUBG Mobile new map release date isn’t far off at all, and it finally brings the bitesized version of the game up to scratch with its bigger brothers on Xbox One and PC. Here’s when the new map, Sanhok, is coming to PUBG Mobile. Hint: it’s very soon.

PUBG Mobile New Map Release Date: When is the PUBG Mobile Sanhok Release Date?

According to the PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 patch notes, the new map release date is set at September 12, which is when the update is due to go live. The new update, alongside the Sanhok map, comes with new guns, vehicles, and weapons. All in all, this PUBG Mobile update is one of the biggest yet.

Of course, you’ll need to actually install the update before jumping into the action, so expect the patch to live at midnight on September 12, wherever you are in the world. You may also need to update your iOS and Android firmware to ensure everything is up to date out the blocks. There’s nothing worse than being Sanhok-blocked when it comes to the battle royale, trust me.

What is the PUBG Mobile New Map?

Say hello to Sanhok. Having recently become available on Xbox One (as of September 4), this 4x4km map takes its cues from South East Asia’s geography. The area is very heavy on trees, temples, plus small towns, camps, and resorts and should be a far cry from the Erangel and Miramar maps currently available on the platform.

The PUBG Mobile new map, for avoidance of doubt, won’t be any different to the full-fat versions on both Xbox One and PC. What you see is, invariably, what you get on PUBG Mobile and PUBG Corp. has not given any indication of a toned-down or reduced play area for iOS and Android players to dive into.