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Dragon Quest 11: How to Revive Party Members

The Dragon Quest franchise has always been notorious for its high level of difficulty, especially compared to other popular JRPG franchises such as Final Fantasy or Persona. Be prepared to die a lot if you’re not sufficiently prepared and at a decent level, and that rings true for the latest installment, Dragon Quest 11, as well. Not to worry, read on below to find out multiple ways to revive party members.

Dragon Quest 11: How to Revive Party Members

First things first, you might think that Dragon Quest XI has revival items similar to Phoenix Down in Final Fantasy. It does, and it’s called a Yggdrasil Leaf. These will revive your party members, even restoring them to full health. However, there’s a catch. Yggdrasil Leaves are extremely rare, and they cannot be bought at item shops in the game. The only way to obtain a Yggdrasil Leaf is to find one in chests. For example, I’m already 40 hours into the game and I’ve probably found fewer than five the entire time.

Another way of reviving your party members in Dragon Quest 11 is to learn the Zing and Kazing spells. In Dragon Quest 11, Serena and Rab will gain access to these spells. Zing can be obtained earlier but is also less reliable than Kazing. This is because Zing only has a 50 percent chance of reviving your party members, while Kazing will never fail. It would be a disaster to have a Zing fail during an intense battle.

Outside of battles, the most reliable way of how to revive party members in Dragon Quest 11 is probably is by requesting a resurrection at Churches and Sacred Statues at Campsites. Select the “Resurrection” option and simply choose which party member you wish to revive. However, it’s not free and will require players to spend a certain amount of gold depending on the party member’s level.

That’s all, folks. Make sure that your Hero and all your party members always have decent levels and equipment so that you won’t have to worry about having to revive them.