Tom Clancy’s EndWar Escalation DLC Achievements

DLC Achievements - Escalation

Unlockable        How to Unlock
Casualties of War (20)Kill 200 units in multiplayer matches.
Down to Size (20)Purchase 60 unit upgrades in Theater of War.
Gates of Fire (20)Defended Capital in Siege 20 times in Theater of War.
Lonely at the Top (30)Win 100 missions in Theater of War.
Oppenheimer (20)Defeat 6 Hostiles with one WMD.
Rorke's Drift (30)Win 20 missions without calling reinforcements in any game mode.
Stormbringer (15)Storm 10 enemy buildings.
Super Soldiers (20)Have 12 units in your Battalion promoted to Legendary Rank in Theater of War.
Under Cover (30)Defeat 50 enemy units with infantry in cover.
Unit of Action (15)Play 30 2 vs. 2 matches in any game mode.