Box art - Spider-Man (2018)

How to Find Shirtless Spider-Man in Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4 is full of cool, funny and heartbreaking Easter Eggs. From that marriage proposal that was built into the game, right down to the nods towards Marvel’s comic book universe, there’s plenty to find. One particularly amusing Easter egg that you can find is the Shirtless Spider-Man—an homage to Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller, who is renowned for his shirtless antics whilst wearing a Spider-Man mask. Here’s how to find Shirtless Spider-Man in Spider-Man PS4.

Shirtless Spider-Man in Spider-Man PS4: How to Find Him

To locate Miller’s version in Spider-Man PS4, you’ll need to work your way to the story mission titled “Back to School”. This chapter in Insomniac Games’ title sees Spider-Man walk – and blend – his way through a large student costume party at ESU. You’ll want to make your way into the “Night of Ghouls” section of the party, and jog through an area full of costumed, intoxicated students who are mingling around, listening to music and getting up to no good.

You’ll walk past a pumpkin carving stall at some point and, before you hit the “Mysterios” section of the party, you’ll see a shirtless man whose face is covered by a Spider-Man mask. This is Shirtless Spider-Man, and it pays tribute to Miller’s running gag. Miller has turned up at events, such as E3, with no shirt on and shouting “Fshew! Fshew!” as he pretends to fire webbing from his imaginary webshooters. Insomniac found this so amusing that they decided to put the character in Spider-Man PS4.

Shirtless Spider-Man in Spider-Man PS4: Where Else Can You Find Shirtless Spider-Man?

If you can’t locate him in the above area of Spider-Man PS4, shirtless Spider-Man can be found in a different part of the party. On another Youtube video—posted above—Miller’s character can be found by a white fence. This suggests that shirtless Spider-Man moves around Spider-Man PS4, so be sure to keep an eye out when you’re at the party to find him and get a selfie with him.