Paladins Patch Notes 1.5 Update Patch Notes

The latest patch for regular Paladins is now here, Update 1.5. We’ve got the latest Paladins Patch Notes right here for the new update, which adds two new epic skins, the return of the Deep Space Chest, a new queue flow system, and a lot of fixes. Here’s everything you need to know about Update 1.5.

Paladins Patch Notes 1.5 Update: How to get the Epic Gr0b0t and Xeno-Buster Ash skins

Two new Epic skins have been added in Paladins Update 1.5, for popular characters Gr0b0t and Ash. The Epic Gr0b0t skin is available through the regular Diamond Chest. The Ash skin is called Xeno-Buster and is clearly influenced by the likes of Aliens and Warhammer 40K, as you can see in the picture below. This one’s a bit more special, as while it’s available as a direct purchase for 600 crystals it’s also available as part of the returning Deep Space Chest. More on that below.

paladins patch notes ash xenobuster

Paladins Patch Notes 1.5 Update: Deep Space Chest Returns

The Deep Space Chest returns in Update 1.5. It costs 100 crystals, and aside from the new Xeno-Buster Ash the other Epic skins it can contain are Nova Strike Kinessa, L-Exo Lex, and V1-KTOR Viktor. It also includes the possibility of a Rare Cutthroat Kinessa skin and Uncommon Hellion Ash skin. You can also get voice packs, emotes and MVP poses for Ash, Kinessa, Lex and Viktor.

Paladins Patch Notes 1.5 Update: Queue Flow System and Fixes

The Queue Flow System is a fairly interesting new quality-of-life improvement. Players no longer need to accept queues, and if a player in a lobby fails to pick a Champion in time the game will automatically pick one for them, based on what their team lacks. These don’t include ranked matches, however. At the end of a match players will immediately join a new queue automatically, unless they were AFK.

There are minor fixes to Bomb King, Khan, Moji, and Strix, although nothing really game-altering. There are a few general fixes too, such as problems with notifications and using mounts in the Siege spawn room. Issues that the team are aware of and should be fixed in the next update include post-game account issues after disconnecting/rejoining a match, Vault crashes involving the EULA, and problems with Terminus’ ‘Playing God’ card. Nothing major, really.