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Destiny 2 The Weep: Location, the Lost Sector, and Token Farming

Here’s the location of Destiny 2 The Weep Lost Sector as well as a brief explanation on the now patched exploit: token farming. Below are step-by-step instructions on where to go and what to do once you’re there.

Destiny 2 The Weep: Location and Lost Sector

You can find The Weep by heading to the Winding Cove in the European Dead Zone. Once you spawn, take a few steps forward and then turn to your right. There you’ll see a small hill, with some large, flat rocks that can easily be walked on; head towards it. There you’ll see a small, dark hole you’ll want to jump into.

As you enter that darkness will turn to a sort of amber red glow. It’s a rough landing but once inside continue straight ahead to the mossy ledge, jumping down even further into the cave.

Continue down the path, everything will be dark minus the luminescent specks on the ceiling. Head towards the more well lit area and be prepared to take out enemies once you get there.

Keeping taking out everyone and at the end of your path you’ll see a chest. Open it up, get what’s inside. That’s how you complete the Lost Sector.

Destiny 2 The Weep: Token Farming

There’s a hack here that used to allow players to farm tokens but it has since been patched out of the game. Here’s what the glitch entailed.

After completing the Lost Sector you could use the path above the best to return to the surface. Once the “Winding Cove” load message popped up, players would simply head back down to the chest and open it again. You could repeat this cycle as much as you’d like but, as I mentioned, this is no longer an available exploit.

Fans continue to find other ways to cheese the system and Bungie continues to patch them as they’re discovered. It’s its own never ending game.