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FIFA 19 Player Ratings: What Are the Player Ratings in the FIFA 19 Demo?

FIFA fans the world over are dying to know all the FIFA 19 player ratings, and the wait is almost over. The FIFA 19 demo is due to go live on September 13, 2018. The demo will give FIFA fans a chance to try out the new and improved Kick-Off mode in a Champions League match. We’ll also be able to try out the final chapter of The Journey. In total, there are ten teams to try out in the demo. What are the player ratings in the FIFA 19 demo? Read on to find out, soccer fans.

FIFA 19 Player Ratings: What Are Player Ratings in FIFA?

As with any sports game, each player has been given their own individual player rating in FIFA. These ratings are based on statistics that are gathered from how each player performs in real life. Stats such as pace, passing, and defending all add up to create an individual player rating. The player ratings given typically range between 30-95 and are out of 99.

FIFA 19 Player Ratings: What Are the Player Ratings in the FIFA 19 Demo?

While the FIFA 19 demo isn’t out yet (as of writing), the player ratings of eight of the ten teams involved have been leaked. Want to know if Sergio Aguero, Harry Kane, and Mbappé have received upgrades this year? Look no further. Leaked by Twitter user TheFUTSBC, most of the player ratings of PSG, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Atletico Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur, Real Madrid, and Juventus can be seen ahead of the demo’s release. Several key players have received a small player rating boost. Take Mbappé, for example: he’s gone up to 87 in FIFA 19. Aguero now sits at 89, as too does Kane. Jan Vertonghen has climbed up to 87, which is a significant boost over FIFA 18’s 84 rating.

See the tweet below for all of the leaked FIFA 19 player ratings:

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