Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Dreamfall The Longest Journey

(This FAQ is under XBOX control)


    The game begins with a man writing in his notebook. His name is Brian Westhouse. He tells you all sorts of things that won't make any sense until later on in the game.

    A monk will walk in and says that Brian's journey is about to begin. You are to do as you're told and follow him. Feel free to explore your surroundings while you follow him. He will escort you to a circular room where the monks are meditating. The monk will join the rest and begin to meditate, which means that you cannot disturb him( You can most certainly try ofcourse...). You can take a quick stroll around the room or you can wait until the same monk tells you that they are ready to start the ritual. You are to walk onto the "dais". For those of you who know what the heck that is, I take my hat off to you. For those of you that don't, it's the circular disk that the monks are surrounding.

   Once you have stepped on the "dais", Brian will transport to another place where he will encounter with a man that isn't so happy to see him. The odd man tells Brian that he must go back the way he came, but Brian does not knnow how to do that. The man says that "it" will find you, and by "it" he means the Undreaming. Ofcouse Brian tries to run but it's no use, he is taken by the Undreaming. Not to worry, he plays a big part later on in the game.


    Now you meet the main character of the game, Zoe Castillo. She is in the hospital with a coma and you'll find out why at the ends of the game. She wants to tell you her story and how everything began...

    You are going to see Zoe watching the news in her bedroom. Keep in mind that this game is set in many many years of the future. If you decide to listen, you may overhear something about Static, you will learn more about that later(Trust me, you have a lot to learn...). The news broadcast will be interupted by a little girls voice saying, "...Zoe..." and "Find her. Save her." Zoe ofcourse blows it off and thinks it's part of the Static.

    Wonkers, Zoe's Watilla, comes up to Zoe and says she has a message on her mobile. Her mobile will be on the chair, located on the other side of her bed. To answer it go over to it and press A.

    Zoe has an appointment at the gym, to look at her mobile press the black button. Here you can recieve texts or e-mails, look at previos dialogues, and it serves as a mental diary for Zoe.

    Go to Zoe's wardrobe and press A to open it, then focus on her clothes ans press A to put them on. Go down the stairs and you will meet Zoe's father while he is drinking his coffee. You will converse with him for a while... He tells you that he is going on a business trip to Bombay, which Zoe ofcourse forgets. Before to leave to head for the gym you need to tell Zoe's father about a party Zoe is having tonight, and if your interested ask him about Bombay and work.

    Once you say goodbye the door out is to your right. When you're outside there's a door way to you right, go throught that then turn right again. Turn left out of another doorway and then go straight until you meet Olivia(Liv for short) outside her shop. She will say "Hi" to you and considering all she does for you in this game you may as well say "Hello" back. Liv has something she wants you to see and my advice, go look at it. Don't worry about the gym or Jama, she's going to give the "commitment and passion" speech whether you go now or later. Go on inside the store and see what Liv has for you...

    When you do go into the store walk toward the flat-screen TV in the distance, you will end up seeing that little girl again, and this time she tells you to, "...Find April... Save April..." This time she asks Liv about it and she thinks it's just Static, same as Zoe. Olivia has something high-tech for your mobile. It makes your mobile invisible to the Eye in the Sky. Before Liv has time to set you up with the software her mobile rings and she has to take it. This gives you time to go to the gym and return to Liv afterwards.

    Exit the store and take the stairs directly to your left and continue down the path. A friend runs into you and warns you to hurry to the gym. To get there go past to fountain to your right and down the steps. On your way you'll pass two little boys and maybe a man with what looks like a turban on his head. Go through the next doorway. Pass the two men playing chess and the gym will be slightly to your right. Press A when you approach the door and it will send you upstairs to the gym.

    Talk to the woman in the green work-out suit. She would be the one infront of the big windows. She will tell you that you're late and you'll get the whole "commitment and passion" speech. You will have to fight her using A and X to attack and B to block. You can fight her as many times as you want or you can leave to go back to Olivia's store. When you do decide to leave go back toward the stairs. Before you can leave you will see that little girl again, but this time she gives you a full name, April Ryan. Now you can descend the staircase and you will find yourself outside the gym doors.

    When you come out of the gym your moble will ring and Reza wants to speak with you. He wants you to meet him at Moca Loca. It's a cafe located in the area with the fountain. He will be sitting to your left and he'll be talking on his mobile. You guys talk and you can decide to invite him to the party or not, he won't be able to come reagardless. He's working on a story and he can't tell you anything about it, but you're going to find out anyway further in the game. He wants you do him a favor, he needs you to pick up a package from the Sechadri Building. The package is at a company called Jiva and a scientist named Helena Chang works there.

    Before you go downtown, now is the time to go speak with Liv again about that software. Youll notice that Olivia has closed up her store so you will just have to wait until later for the software. Now that you're free to go you must go to the area where the gym is located and take a taxi to go downtown. To board the taxi just go up to it and press A. Once you get to Jiva just go up to the elevator and it will take you to their lobby. A woman with silver-ish hair is not very hapy to see you... While you are talking with her the screen behind her shows a scientist in trouble, whom you guess to be Helena Chang. You must schmooze her and convince her to go into the room to your left to search for the package. once that is done you can focus on the computer by pressing A. When she comes out of the room she sees you sneaking and calls for security(although he never comes). You'll have to fight her and she's pretty easy to knock out. Once you've done that you can access the door to the right by going up to the computer and pressing A, you'll encounter with a rather big fellow who I assume would be Kano. After he runs out you can try to save the scientist but its no use, the doors are sealed shut. She points up to the control panel on top  of the glass room. To get up there you can climb onto the heater to your left and then climb again. Zoe unseals the doors and can now free the scientist.

     She says that you have to leave so follow her back to the lobby and board the elevator once more. Once back down the scientist clues you in on a lot. You'll find out that she reacts weird to Zoe's last name and that she was the Helena Chang. She gives you the package and refuses to give you any information as to what it is. She leaves without letting you finish the conversation. Now you can go back home the same whay you came. To call a cab just go up to the call ox and press A.

    Now that you are back you have to go give Reza his package. His apartment is to the lef of the fountain. Once inside the apartment builiing his room is up the stairs to your right and is the last door in the hallway. You'll find his door already open and a gray cat is standing outside the door. Open his apartment door all the way and walk in. His place looks as if it was ransacked and he isn't home. You'll find a woman lying on the floor with something attached to her face. This is Rio, whom Reza was on his mobile with earlier. You'll see the little girl again on the television and she shows you EYE commanders coming toward Reza's apartment. You can hide all you want they will shoot you and take you back to headquarters. Head into the bathroom and then you will wake up in a white room. There really isn't a reason to counteract so tell the truth and they will let you go a little later.

    When they do let you out, Zoe will attempt to call Reza and her father. When you go back into Zoe's room Wonkers has a message for you. It's Reza telling you to go find his notebook in his apartment. Now would be a really good time to go talk to Olivia, so that you can get that software. Once you fill her in on everything she asks where you were during the party last night. Zoe tells her everything that had happened and Liv gives her that software and upgrades her mobile.

    Now you need to go back to Reza's apartment and unlock the EYE seal. To do that get your mobile out of your inventory and use the codebreaker to unlock it. Just match the symbols by clicking on it and then it will unlock it. Once inside you'll see Lucia, Reza'a Watilla, who gets fried by an EYE robot. You need to get around it by sneaking with the left trigger, hold it down and go around the couch until you're inside the bathroom. Once there focus on the control panel attached to the shower. It will make the radio go on and the robot will go inside the shower. Close the shower door, trapping it inside and then the water turns on frying its circuits. Now that you have it out of the way it'll be easier. Go back over to Lucia and by pressing A Zoe will take out her power source and brain, which are both completely fried. You need to go see if Liv has any spare parts to replace them.  Open your inventory and get the broken parts and press X to give them to Olivia. She can come up with a power source but no brain. You need to use Wonkers's brain for a little while. Ask Wonkers to shut himself off for awhile by pressing X and then take out his brain.

    Return to Reza's apartment and put both parts into Lucia. She will show you where to find Reza's notebook. It's inside a floor board that looks a lot different than the rest. Grab it out of the safe and you'll be attacked by twins, they obviously aren't there for the notebook because they don't even notice it when Zoe drops it on the floor. After Zoe is knocked out it looks as if they recieve a message and then run out. Retrieve the notebook again and Wonkers's brain from Lucia. When you leave the apartment building you will see the same cat you saw yesterday. Now go give the notebook to Olivia, she'll know what to do with it. You'll get a message from Jama who isn't very happy with you. Don't worry about it. She said she missed you at practice when the gym was closed anyway...

    Zoe clues Olivia in on what happened back at Reza's apartment. Give Liv the notebook by getting it out of your inventory. You'll find out that Reza left the last entry very easy to crack so you would find out where he went. He left to go to Newport, and went to The Fringe to talk to someone named Charlie. Retuen to your house to retrieve your backpack and if you want to you can give Wonkers his brain back since you promised him you would turn him back on. Zoe's backpack is in her wardrobe. She takes a train to Newport and will arrive shortly.

    You are about to meet April Ryan. She is your second character in the game. They are waiting for the Azadi soilders. Na'ane eliminates two of them for you but you still have to fight two more.

    You're back as Zoe again and she has arrived in Newport. You'll have a message and journal entry on your mobile. Go forward and ask the chinese man to your left where The Fringe is. He tells you to go to the other side and go past Florence Avenue and it's on your left. Press the call button and Charlie will answer. He'll let you in. Once inside ask the hostess where you can find Charlie. She'll tell you but she's not very friendly about it. He'll be the only guy on the other side of the club.

    Charlie has spoken with Reza. Be nice to him or he won't tell you any information, Charlie's a nice guy. He tells you about The Borderhouse, which has been changed into the Victory Hotel. He says Reza was very interested in the building. Ask him about the Victory Hotel and he gives you a lot of names to digest... Exit the Fringe.

    Head back toward the chinese man and there's a bridge behind him. Go over it. Turn to you right and then go down the alley to you left. The Victory Hotel has a bench out front. You can try to door but no one will answer. Go to your left to the scaffolding and jump down twice then go through the tunnel to your left. Go up the ladder and try to open the gate.

    Get your mobile out of your inventory and call Olivia. She'll tell you can just open the gate with an ordinary lockpick. To get it go back down the ladder, up the scaffolding, and back to the chinese man. Ask him for a lockpick and he'll say he's all out. He's not. Ask him again and he'll say he has one left and he's a little hasty about giving it to you. He wants software to sell to his customers. Call Olivia again and she can give you an all new software for him. Once you get it from her go back to him and give it to him. He'll be very happy with you and gives you the lockpick. Now that you have the lockpick you can go back to the Hotel and open the gate. To open the gate just match the symbols.

    Once you have opened the gate be very careful, there's a guard dog. Sneak past the door and to the shed in the corner. There's no reason to try the door because its locked. If you wake up the dog then you can just run out of the gate and go down the ladder. This will reset the scene and you can try it again. When you get to the shed open the door and grab the axe to your right. Then it doesnt really matter if you wake up the dog you just run. Once your down the ladder go to your right and move the dumpster over until it's under the window with the light coming through. Climb on top of the dumpster and break the window by getting the axe out of your inventory. Then climb through.

    Once your inside pick up the axe handle and get a rag from the box on the counter. Go to your inventory and put together the axe handle and the rag then dip it inside the red tin can, or the one that smells like petrol. This will make the flame last longer, but won't be able to get rid of the torch which can be very annoying. With the torch in hand go to through the dark hallway by the furnace. You'll find an automatic door to your right and inside it is a control panel for the door. Its sealed and by going up to the computer you will see the girl again showing you a room inside the hotel. Use your mobile to un-seal the door and you can open it now.

more later...