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Overwatch Patch What Is The Newest Update?

The most recent update to Blizzard’s shooter is here: Overwatch patch This patch included the launch of Overwatch‘s new Control Map, Busan, for consoles. However, there was a lot more in this patch, too, which hasn’t been covered much due to the attention that Busan has received. This guide will outline everything you need to know about Overwatch patch

Overwatch Patch What Is The Newest Update?

First of all, the patch fixed a lot of in-game bugs. Most of these were either minor errors in rendering abilities in certain situations, or just aesthetic fixes. However, alongside the bug fixes were some pretty big changes to four Overwatch heroes: Reinhardt, Ana, Brigitte, and Widowmaker.

Overwatch Patch What Are The Newest Hero Changes?

The changes made to Ana and Widowmaker were very similar. Both snipers had their primary scoped accuracy buffed slightly, in that their aim was corrected in correspondence with their scope. Essentially, their aim was smoothed, in order to make it easier to land critical shots. This likely implies a shift in the meta towards snipers, which by extension implies that Overwatch may be looking to make static comps more viable after Wrecking Ball‘s addition sped the game’s action up to an unprecedented degree.

Brigitte’s Shield Bash ability is now similar to other melee impact abilities, like Reinhardt’s Charge and Doomfist’s Rocket Punch. Basically, although she can still stun a Charging Reinhardt, she will also be stunned as a result of the collision. This increases the viability of heroes such as Reinhardt and Doomfist, while also limiting Brigitte’s damage output potential vs. Reinhardt-led comps.

Lastly, Reinhardt’s Earthshatter ability was greatly adjusted. Although it still works in the same way, it will now connect with people on and around the payload, and will also be able to connect with people who are near walls, despite the Ultimate often not registering in such cases. Although it’s delay has been nerfed, and it now only has immediate impact effects, this is largely a buff to the Ultimate, as it means that Earthshatter is almost as valuable in relation to Crowd Control as Zarya’s Graviton Surge.

You can find the full Overwatch patch notes here.