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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks: Nintendo Direct September 13

Last week, Nintendo delayed its Nintendo Direct presentation, which we now know will air tomorrow, September 13, instead. Amidst much speculation as to what the presentation will include, Vergeben, who successfully reported Super Smash Bros Ultimate leaks that hinted at the additions of Simon and Ridley, has apparently stumbled across more leaks ahead of tomorrow’s presentation—four, to be exact.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks: Nintendo Direct September 13

According to Inverse, Vergeben has leaked information relating to the release of four new Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters, which will apparently be confirmed at tomorrow’s conference. These four characters are as follows:

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks: Incineroar From Pokemon

There has been much speculation online about whether or not Super Smash Bros Ultimate would be adding another character from Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise. According to Vergeben, it will be: Incineroar. Incineroar is the third form of one of the Gen VII Starter Pokemon (Litten) and could be added to celebrate the success of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon MoonPokemon fans would be delighted to see Incineroar in Smash, although Vergeben says that this is the leak he’s least confident about.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks: Ken From Street Fighter

Super Smash Bros Ultimate only has one character from the Street Fighter roster at present: Ryu. According to Vergeben, there is a chance that he’s about to be joined by Ken Masters, who will be a sort of Echo character to Ryu. This means that he’ll operate in a similar way, with only a few minor differences distinguishing him from his best friend.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks: Square Enix Character

This is a little ambiguous. Inverse, linked above, seems to think that this could be Geno, although he belongs to a SNES-specific Square Enix title from 1996. Although it would be interesting to see Geno appear in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it is unlikely. Vergeben’s leak stating that a Square Enix character may be added to the Smash roster is so vague that it’s probably true, and not much of a leak in the first place.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks: Isabelle From Animal Crossing

Vergeben won’t let this one go, will he? He has thought that Isabelle was set to join the roster on more than one occasion, and has been incorrect each time. Maybe she’ll be added this time around.