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Fortnite Consume Apples or Mushrooms Challenge: How to Complete the Fortnite Week 10 Challenge

Every so often, Epic likes to throw us a curveball with its weekly challenges. Take the Fortnite consume apples or mushrooms week 10 challenge that may have you rooting through trees, bushes, and forests in order to finish it. To save you some time, we’ve labored and plugged away to ensure you’ll know how to complete the Fortnite week 10 challenge without blindly stumbling around the map.

What is the Fortnite Consume Apples or Mushrooms Week 10 Challenge?

As this is one of the free Fortnite week 10 challenges, anyone can take part. All you need to to complete the challenge is consume 20 apples or mushrooms (it can be either/or) while the task is still active. While Fortnite season six is closing in, you’ve still got roughly two more weeks to get this challenge done.

Your reward for completing it? It’s not designated “Hard” so you’ll get a fairly insignificant 500xp for chowing down on some fungi and fruit. Yum.

Fortnite Consume Apples or Mushrooms: How to Complete the Fortnite Week 10 Challenge

Mercifully, both apples and mushrooms don’t tend to turn up on their lonesome. Often you’ll find three, four, or five of these bad boys in a single location. There’s even a few hotspots you can head to right now so you can look at being able to consume apples or mushrooms by the dozen in a single match.

  • Wailing Woods: Several of the trees in this area will have mushrooms growing out of the ground surrounding it, making it a key location for the week 10 challenge.
  • Previously, Moisty Mire would’ve been fantastic for this challenge and, although Paradise Palms has taken its place, there can occasionally be a few apples dotted around that biome, too.
  • If you’re on the other side of the map, both Haunted Hills and Shifty Shafts can have apples and mushrooms in abundance, as can Lonely Lodge.