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Pokemon Go 7k Eggs: How to Get 7k Eggs in Pokemon Go

In recent Pokemon Go news, it has been confirmed that Mewtwo will be making his Raid debut from September 20, and will remain available to trainers until October 23. This is part of the Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus event, which will also feature a week in which the three Legendary Birds—Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos. However, it has also been announced that Pokemon who were previously regional exclusives will now be available by hatching 7k eggs. So, how can you stock up on Pokemon Go 7k eggs to increase your chances of getting all four?

Pokemon Go 7k Eggs: How to Get 7k Eggs in Pokemon Go

It’s all about Gifts. That’s how you net yourself lots of 7k eggs. During the period in which regional exclusives are available, you’ll want to be sending and receiving as many Gifts as possible—but how do you do that?

You can collect Gifts from PokeStops, which you can then send to your friends. You can only send one a day, though, so try to make sure to send one every day between now and September 30. Sending gifts increases your Friendship Level with the player you send them to, and nets you some nice XP. However, what you want is for people to send you Gifts back. Trading Gifts with a friend will get you both consistent XP, and for the next two weeks, will also give you a chance to get as many 7k eggs as possible.

It’s important to note that not every Gift will contain a 7k egg, as there are plenty of other items that you can get from them. However, it is the only way to get them, so make sure to receive as many as you can, and walk as many 7k routes as possible between now and the end of the month!

Pokemon Go 7k Eggs: What Pokemon Are in the Eggs?

These Pokemon are Farfetch’d, Kanghaskan, Tauros, and Mr. Mime. However, you can only hatch these Pokemon from 7k eggs, and only between September 13 and September 30.

Pokemon Go 7k Eggs: How to Send Gifts in Pokemon Go

To send a Gift, select the Friends Tab in the Trainer menu and click on the player you want to send a Gift to, and you’ll see an option to send a Gift. Try to get that player to send you one, too, so you can both benefit from the eggs. Once your friend sends you a Gift in return, you’ll see a red notification on top of your Trainer Icon. Just click this and you’ll be able to open your Gift, which will hopefully contain a 7k egg.

Next, just walk as much as you can. Hatch that egg as quickly as possible, so you can move on to a new one the following day. Hopefully, by September 30, you’ll have all of the regional exclusives!