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Fortnite Eon skin code – How to unlock and avoid scam

The Fortnite Eon Skin is available to download and unlock on everyone’s favorite battle royale right now. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many ways in which you can download the snazzy new skin. Read on to discover how to unlock the Fortnite Eon Skin on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and also how to avoid Fortnite Eon Skin scam

How to unlock the Fortnite Eon skin Code on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

As of writing, the only way to download and unlock the Fortnite Eon Skin is by purchasing it. The trouble is, it is only available on the Xbox One edition of the game. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways in which you can get hold of the fancy-looking futuristic skin.

Originally, you were only able to get hold of the Eon Skin code through buying the promotional Fortnite Xbox One S Bundle. This contained a white Xbox One S, a copy of Fortnite pre-installed, the Eon Cosmetic Set, and 2000 V-Bucks to boot. Anybody with a copy of Fortnite on the Xbox One can now purchase the Eon Cosmetic Set separately, however.

The Eon Cosmetic Set comes with the Eon Skin, Epic Aurora Glider, Rare Resonator Pickaxe, and 2000 V-Bucks. Unfortunately, it is rather pricey and it will require you to input a code in order to download the goods.

With Epic Games accounts syncing Fortnite inventories across platforms, unlocking the Eon skin on Xbox One will also make it available on PC, PS4, and also Android and iPhone.

How to avoid the Fortnite Eon skin code scam

Fortnite Eon skin code

You likely would have seen folks commenting on Fortnite tweets that they are giving away the Eon Skin codes for free. This is a scam. To avoid it, simply do not click links that are suggesting free codes to download the Eon Skin in Fortnite. To remain completely safe, we’d advise staying away from any links that suggest they can sell the Eon Cosmetic Set at a vastly reduced price (anything around $5 is very likely false), or anywhere offering just the Eon Skin without the rest of its Cosmetic Set. If it seems too good to be true, it’s probably best to avoid!

You’ll be far safer sticking to stores you trust, such as Amazon and physical game stores.

The Fortnite Eon Bundle was recently discovered by what appears to be a well-placed Xbox source. It includes three new items, a large amount of V-bucks, and the game itself. With its aesthetics and the source of this leak, could we be seeing a Fortnite Xbox bundle on the horizon?

What is the Fortnite Eon Bundle?

The Fortnite Eon Bundle is DLC for the game that was found by It includes the Eon Outfit, Resonator Pickaxe, Aurora Glider, 2000 V-bucks, as well as “access to the free Fortnite Battle Royale mode.” This all suggests that the bundle is going to be a starter pack of sorts for Fortnite. The skin itself depicts a robotic figure clad in an all-white armor with green highlights, while the glider also follows a similar aesthetic.

Is the Fortnite Eon Bundle Xbox Only?

Considering the source of this leak, as well as the look of the cosmetics, the Fortnite Eon Bundle could very well be only for the Xbox One. The website this information comes from exclusively reports on the Xbox platform. So for the leak to come from there certainly suggests some exclusivity for the bundle. If we take a look at the cosmetics themselves, they also imply an association with Microsoft’s brand. As mentioned before, the cosmetics included in this DLC have a white and green color scheme. These two colors combined seriously evokes the Xbox brand, further indicating where this bundle will be available.

This could be Microsoft’s answer to the PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack that was recently revealed. However, we still do not have any other details on the Eon pack apart from its existence. It remains to be seen how much it will cost and when it will be released. At the very least we know it won’t be for free considering that the DLC comes with a large amount of V-bucks.

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