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Fortnite Kevin the Cube: Why Is the Cube Called Kevin?

The mysterious Fortnite cube has earned the name Kevin from the game’s online community. Why, though? Why is the Cube called Kevin? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the mischievous Kevin, including his origins, his purpose, and how he got the infamous title of Kevin the Cube.

Fortnite Kevin: Why Is the Cube Called Kevin?

Yesterday, a post on Reddit announced that Kevin was printing Rune 6 near Lazy Links. Although it’s obviously important that the penultimate rune has been placed, what’s most important is that Kevin’s name is being used casually now.

Kevin came to Fortnite three weeks ago, and for a while, nobody had any idea what he was up to. He just came to Paradise Palms, unannounced, and without an explanation. His arrival coincided with the closing of the rift in the sky, so maybe his cubic power had something to do with that.

After a little while, Kevin the Cube started to move around, burning runes into the ground each time he did so. There will be a total of seven runes, and Rune 6 has just appeared in Lazy Links. Kevin will continue to move, burning the ground as he does so.

Aside from the runes, players who are close to Kevin have their shields gradually charged. He can also be used as a jump pad, but he will strike back if this function is abused. From burning the ground, to striking players, Kevin the Cube is definitely a rebel-type.

This is how he got this name, actually. The word “cube” was banned on a megathread over at the Fortnite subreddit, and in order to get around this, somebody decided to start calling him Kevin. Kevin can’t be banned. You may be able to take away his title as a Purple Cube, but Kevin the Cube won’t be contained. Kevin the Cube—Fortnite rebel.