Wheelman Achievements


UnlockableHow to Unlock
A Real Wheelman (50)Complete the Mission - Get Gallo.
Accidental Tourist (30)Visit every district in Barcelona.
Anti Social Behaviour Order (20)Achieve ANY rank on ALL Rampage side missions.
Art Critic (10)Destroy ONE cat statue.
Barcelona Drift (20)Achieve ANY rank on ALL Street Showdown side missions.
Can't Catch Me! (20)Achieve ANY rank on ALL Fugitive side missions.
Cat Hater (25)Destroy FIFTY cat statues.
Delivery Boy (5)Achieve ANY rank on ONE Hot Potato side mission.
Diesel Powered! (50)Complete ALL side missions with an "A" rank or better.
Disturbing the Peace (10)Achieve ANY rank on FIVE Rampage side missions.
Dukes of Barcelona (25)Perform TWENTY FIVE cinematic stunt jumps.
Finish Him! (5)Perform a Finishing Move on an enemy vehicle.
Furious and Fast (10)Achieve ANY rank on FIVE Street Showdown side missions.
Getaway in Barcelona (10)Achieve ANY rank on FIVE Fugitive side missions.
Gone In 59 Seconds (20)Achieve ANY rank on ALL Made to Order side missions.
Gone In One Minute (10)Achieve ANY rank on FIVE Made to Order side missions.
I Live For this Stuff! (100)Complete ALL side missions with an "S" rank.
Is It A Bird? (25)Use the Airjack FIFTY times.
Jump in My Car (10)Perform a cinematic stunt jump.
Krazy Taxi (10)Achieve ANY rank on FIVE Taxi side missions.
Leap of Faith (5)Perform an Airjack successfully.
Made to Order (5)Achieve ANY rank on ONE Made to Order side mission.
Making a Mess (5)Achieve ANY rank on ONE Rampage side mission.
Man In Brown (20)Achieve ANY rank on ALL Hot Potato side missions.
Mission From God (25)Survive a five star police response for 5 minutes.
Mission Improbable (25)Complete a Fugitive side mission on a motorcycle.
Paulo’s Peace (30)Defeat Paulo, the boss of the Los Lantos.
Praise from Paulo (20)Complete the Mission - Stand and Deliver.
Radu’s Requiem (30)Defeat Radu, the boss of the Romanians.
Ready, Aim, Fire! (5)Kill an enemy vehicle using the Aimed Shot.
Respect from Radu (20)Complete the Mission - Letting Off Steam.
Riding on Rims (5)Shoot out the tyre of an enemy vehicle.
Road Rage (10)Achieve ANY rank on FIVE Contracts side missions.
Road Rash (20)Get any Rank on ALL Contracts side missions.
Road Warrior (5)Achieve ANY rank on ONE Contracts side mission.
Run, Milo, Run (5)Achieve ANY rank on ONE Fugitive side mission.
Salute from Stavo (20)Complete the Mission - Finding Family.
Sharpshooter (25)Destroy three vehicles during a single Cyclone or Aimed Shot move.
Speedy and Angry (5)Achieve ANY rank on ONE Street Showdown side mission.
Spin Spin Shooter (5)Kill an enemy vehicle using the Cyclone.
Stavo’s Swansong (30)Defeat Stavo, the boss of the Chulos Canallas.
Taxi (5)Achieve ANY rank on ONE Taxi side mission.
The Best of the Best (20)Complete the Mission - Defeat Felipe.
The Courier (10)Achieve ANY rank on FIVE Hot Potato side missions.
The Knowledge (20)Achieve ANY rank on ALL Taxi side missions.
The Spanish Job (20)Complete the Mission - Getting the Job Done.
The Target Revealed (20)Complete the Mission - Recover the Documents.
Venga Venga! (20)Complete the Mission - Frantic.
White Men Can Jump (50)Perform ALL FIFTY cinematic stunt jumps.
Wreaking Havok! (50)Destroy ONE HUNDRED cat statues.