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Overwatch Halloween Skins 2018: Overwatch Leaked Skins

The start and end dates of the Overwatch Halloween event 2018 have been leaked online. Kellogg’s, who are teaming up with Blizzard ahead of the event, leaked the dates when describing the details of the partnership. People who buy certain Kellogg’s products will receive a voucher for a free loot box in Overwatch, which can be redeemed during the Halloween Terror event, which is set to run from October 10 until October 31. The dates for the Winter Wonderland event were also leaked—December 11 until December 31. On top of this, information was leaked about this year’s Overwatch Halloween skins.

Overwatch Halloween Skins: What’s Included in the Overwatch Halloween Event 2018?

Master Ian Gamer posted a video on his YouTube channel that contained information about this year’s Halloween skins. The skins we know about so far are as follows:

  • Spider Queen
  • Bride
  • Ghost
  • Slasher

Although only the names of these skins are known so far, one can speculate as to who they will be for. Spider Queen sounds like the name of a skin Widowmaker could get, although Master Ian Gamer makes a very compelling case for it being an Orisa skin in his video. Bride could also easily be a Widowmaker skin, as she was married to the brilliant Overwatch scientist Gerard Lacroix before Talon turned her into the emotionless sharpshooter she has become.

Either way, Widowmaker will almost certainly get one of these two skins, as she is among the five heroes who have went the longest without getting an event skin. The other four are Zarya, Genji, Mercy, and Pharah, who all received their last event skin during the Lunar New Year event back in February. It is also noteworthy that Tracer hasn’t had a Legendary event skin since Anniversary 2017, which makes her a strong candidate for something like Ghost. Ghost could also be Reaper or Moira, who can Wraith and Fade respectively, or Sombra, who can turn invisible.

Slasher could easily be Roadhog or Torbjorn, as Roadhog uses his hook as a weapon, and Torbjorn’s hook hand resembles that of many iconic slasher villains. This one is the most ambiguous, though, as it is certain that one of the first two will be Widowmaker, and the Ghost skin will only make sense for one of the four candidates mentioned above.

Halloween Terror is set to begin on October 10, as per the Kellogg’s leak. As this is a Wednesday, though, and Blizzard typically launches events on Tuesdays or Thursdays, it is more accurate to say that it will begin between October 9 and October 11.