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Fortnite Silenced Shotgun: Is a Suppressed Shotgun Coming to Fortnite?

There’s no doubt in my mind that a Fortnite silenced shotgun would be a huge cause of controversy within the game’s community, with some being excited for a stealthy, close-quarters option, and others absolutely hating the idea. In every shooter that I play, shotguns get a lot of hate. This is mostly due to their one-hit kill potential, which doesn’t allow much opportunity for a counter-attack. Combine this style of play with the ability to suppress those shots, and you’ve got a recipe for a hell of a lot of complaints. So, is a Fortnite silenced shotgun coming to the game? And if so, will it be balanced? Here’s what we know!

Fortnite Silenced Shotgun: Is a Suppressed Shotgun Coming to Fortnite?

While the potential of a Fortnite silenced shotgun coming to the game may be a popular talking point right now, there is actually no official word on whether or not such a weapon is coming to the game. With a suppressed assault rifle having been recently added, it’s certainly possible that silent variants of other guns could also be in the works. With that said, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the existing shotguns, and so the addition of a suppressed version could be unwise and anger the community.

What Is the Fortnite Silenced Shotgun Release Date?

As mentioned above, there isn’t yet a Fortnite silenced shotgun release date as it hasn’t even been confirmed to be in existence. Images of the silenced shotgun have been created by eager fans, as you can see by the example below.

Introducing the new silenced shotgun!!! from r/FortNiteBR

Of course, it’s possible that a Fortnite silenced shotgun release date will eventually roll around. Epic Games is always working on new weapons to add to the game, as well as reimagined versions of existing guns. If such a weapon is going to be added, expect to hear about it first on the “Coming soon” section of the News tabs. We’ll then see it added within the next few patches.