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Final Fantasy 14 Patch 4.4 Prelude in Violet Patch Notes

FFXIV 4.4 patch notes, for the update titled Prelude in Violet, is an even-numbered patch. If you follow the game, you’ll know that it typically means a new traditional eight-man raid and the resulting world race to complete it. But even outside of challenging PvE content, Final Fantasy 14 4.4 patch is set to bring plenty of major and minor tweaks to the game. There’s no grand overhaul of the tomestone system, but be prepared for past gear to suddenly feel like mush under the weight of these new fights.

FFXIV 4.4 Patch Notes Prelude in Violet: Main Changes

As any major Final Fantasy 14 patch goes, patch 4.4 brings with it not only a new raid scenario but new dungeons and primal battles. Outside of fighting for the continued freedom of Doma and Ala Mhigo, crafters, and gatherers should expect plenty of new market opportunities with new nodes to hit up and plenty of new essential gear to craft for raiders and fashionistas.

Treasure hunters will welcome the Lost Canals of Uznair expansion, and even minigame lovers will find new ways to pass the time in the Gold Saucer. Of course, there’s the continuation of the main story, too.

FFXIV 4.4 Patch Notes Prelude in Violet: Omega Alphascape

Final Fantasy 14 Patch 4.4 follows the same pattern as the last two expansions, meaning we’re at the end of Stormblood’s main 8-man raid, Omega, this time around.

Though we’ve had Final Fantasy 5 and 6 bosses finish up the last two Omega tiers, don’t get your hopes up of seeing Sephiroth at the end of the line. We’re not ruling it out, but with the Final Fantasy 7 remake in the works, we think Square Enix wouldn’t want us seeing someone as important as his shoehorned into a crossover right now.

We already know that Chaos from the original Final Fantasy will stand in our way as we enter Omega Alphascap, but what comes in the three fights after isn’t clear. There’s reason to believe our showdown with Omega itself will come as the penultimate battle with a hidden surprise thereafter (and the usual final form reserved for Savage mode), but we can’t confirm or deny this until tomorrow. Get hyped either way!

FFXIV 4.4 Patch Notes Prelude in Violet: How to Download / Download Size

This section would typically be redundant and self-explanatory, but Final Fantasy 14 patch 4.4 introduces changes to the PlayStation 4 patch system.

Starting with Final Fantasy 14 patch 4.4, however, patches will be downloaded to a PS4 system automatically, just like another other game on the system. PC users will still have to go through it the old-fashioned way.

As for download size, we can’t really guess that, but expect around 2-3 gigabytes to be on the safe side. Expect the Final Fantasy 14 patch 4.4 download to go up a few hours before the servers come back online at around 3:00 A.M PDT on September 18, 2018.

FFXIV 4.4 Patch Notes Prelude in Violet: Patch Notes

To view the patch notes in their entirety, hit up the Final Fantasy 14 website. Preliminary patch notes were live at the time of writing, but these will become finalized full patch notes just before the servers go online.