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Fortnite Season 6 Start Date: When Does the New Fortnite Season Begin?

It’s about time to bid another season farewell as the Fortnite season 6 start date continues to creep up on us. While nothing has been officially announced by Epic, there’s a whole bunch of clues (and datamined files) to decipher for us to have more than a good enough idea of when Fortnite season 6 begins so we turn over a new leaf… and new season 6 Battle Pass.

Fortnite Season 6 Start Date: When Does the New Fortnite Season Begin?

Our Fortnite season 5 end date guide uncovered a reported leak which suggested two key dates to keep an eye on: September 25 and October 2. Either one of these are prime candidates for the Fortnite season 6 start date as seasons traditionally last just two months. Season 4, for example, lasted from May 1 to July 12, a grand total of 11 weeks. Wouldn’t you just know it, we’re currently 11 weeks into Fortnite season 6. Spooky.

But there’s something even better: a half-hidden piece of official confirmation of the Epic Fortnite season 5 site which pretty much confirms an actual date.

In the top right-hand corner are the words “Now-Sept. 25” which not only indicates that the game’s fifth season is ending within the next week, but, because Fortnite seasons bleed into one another, the Fortnite season 6 start date is pretty much officially set as September 26, just 24 hours after we say goodbye to Fortnite season 5.

Fortnite Season 6 Start Date: Battle Pass

As always, the Fortnite season 6 Battle Pass is expected to launch alongside the season start date itself on September 26. Again, nothing is set in stone but there seems to be little reason for Epic to deviate from the tried-and-tested formula of a 950 V-Bucks purchase price, plus a whole set of weekly challenges, and tiers.

Also expect a whole host of map changes, the fallout for whatever the Fortnite cube is going to do to be felt, and possible new (and Vaulted) weapons. Epic giveth, Epic taketh away, after all.