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Fortnite Hitchhiker Emote: How to Get the Hitchhiker Emote

Epic Games has released the latest Fortnite emote, and it’s called the Fortnite Hitchhiker emote. It’s a dance emote accompanied by some great music, and it’s clearly meant to taunt other players. Read on below to find out how to get the Hitchhiker emote in the battle royale game.

Fortnite Hitchhiker Emote: What is the Hitchhiker Emote?

The Hitchhiker emote is a Rare emote. The description for reads: “Take a hike.” That message sounds exactly like what the dance is trying to convey to everyone else, right after a dishing out a humiliating kill or something. The character performs the “take a hike” gesture twice before spinning around and repeating it all over again.

The highlight of the Hitchhiker emote is surely the funky music, which has been praised by many gamers after it was inadvertently leaked a while ago. This new emote will probably turn out to be popular just because of its music. Check out the Fortnite Hitchhiker emote below, courtesy of a post by the official Fortnite Twitter account earlier today.

Fortnite Hitchhiker Emote: How to Get the Hitchhiker Emote

The Fortnite Hitchhiker emote isn’t part of any particular themed set. Players don’t even have to complete any special challenges to unlock the new emote. They simply need to head on over to the Fortnite Items Shop and look for the new skin, which should already be available. Furthermore, it’s not even that expensive, only costing 500 V-bucks, which means that it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Other similarly great Fortnite emotes with great music include the Fortnite Dance Therapy emote, which is based on Kevin Bacon’s warehouse dance in the original Footloose, and the Fortnite Fancy Feet emote, which is probably inspired by the late Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean dance moves. These will set you back 800 and 500 V-bucks, respectively.