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Fortnite 5.41 Patch Notes Update: Spiky Stadium, Soaring Solos, Port-a-Fortress, and More

Epic Games has unleashed the Fortnite 5.41 patch notes update, providing gamers with detailed information on the new update. The latest patch does require downtime, which we expect to last for about an hour. Once it’s over, players will be able to re-enter the game and try out the new equipment, as well as the many other tweaks and improvements. With the Getaway limited time mode now coming to an end, a new playlist has become available: Soaring Solos. What’s more, there are now two new items for players to use in battle: the Spiky Stadium and the Port-a-Fortress. Save the World partakers also have something to look forward to, with a new Challenge Week arriving on the scene. Read on for the Fortnite 5.41 patch notes update highlights!

Fortnite 5.41 Patch Notes Update Highlights

The Fortnite 5.41 patch notes update details the new Soaring Solos mode, which features classic gameplay with one big change: gliders can be re-deployed by pushing the jump button when falling from large heights. I personally think this worked extremely well in the 50s variant, and so I’m looking forward to some crazy endgame scenarios, as players tend to end up zooming around like crazy while trying to stay alive.

As for the Fortnite Port-a-Fortress item, well this could well be meta-changing. Thankfully, it’s rarity is Legendary, so we shouldn’t be seeing it too often! The Port-a-Fortress instantly builds a huge fortification, as seen in the video embedded below. It includes built-in Bouncers which provide an easy exit. The item itself can be found in Vending Machines, chests, Supply Drops, and Supply Llamas.

The Fortnite Spiky Stadium item is a new consumable that’s exclusive to the Playground limited time mode, meaning you won’t be seeing this in competitive play. It is found within red Supply Drops, accompanied by a bunch of impulse grenades. The Spiky Stadium instantly spawns a 7×11 stadium full of damage traps and Bouncers. Sounds like it has some crazy potential!

For the other less interesting, yet still important, changes and improvements, head here to the official Epic Games page.