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Fortnite Soaring Solos: When Will Fortnite Getaway Mode Return?

The Fortnite Soaring Solos limited time mode has been introduced with the 5.41 update. It replaces the Getaway LTM, which also means that all Getaway challenges can no longer be completed. If you didn’t manage to finish them and get the rewards, you will unfortunately have to wait until the mode returns (if it ever does). The Soaring Solos LTM is a much simpler game type, keeping many of the traditional Fortnite competitive rules in place. There is one big twist which should spice up the gameplay, particularly towards the end of a round. Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Soaring Solos.

What Is the New Fortnite Soaring Solos Limited Time Mode?

What exactly does the new Fortnite Soaring Solos limited time mode do differently, then? Well, there’s one big change, and that’s the ability for players to re-deploy their gliders when falling from a tall enough height. Instead of just being able to deploy the glider once, which happens right at the start of the game while falling from the Battle Bus, players can use the glider at any stage during the round. Simply build a structure large enough, or climb to a high enough point on the map, leap off, and you’ll see a “Deploy Glider” prompt. Simple stuff!

There has actually been a Soaring game type before, where the same ruleset was used. It resulted in some crazy endgame situations. I expect we’ll see the same in Soaring Solos!

Fortnite Soaring Solos: When Will Fortnite Getaway Mode Return?

Fortnite Soaring Solos

It isn’t yet known when Fortnite Getaway mode will return. In fact, it’s not even been confirmed to ever return! Epic Games is likely analyzing everything that happened during the event, and learning from those numbers as to how to proceed. While I expect many players put a lot of money into the Heist cosmetics, I imagine Epic Games will want to do some careful assessment.