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Fortnite 1.79 Patch Notes: New Fortnite PS4 Update Patch Notes

The Fortnite 1.79 patch notes are up and ready to read, giving players the lowdown on what exactly the new Fortnite PS4 update does. At 480.2 MB in size, it clearly contains something substantial, and now we know the new modes and equipment that have been implemented. The new Fortnite PS4 patch trades in the Getaway limited time mode for a new Soaring Solos game type, which we expect to be around for a couple of weeks or so. In addition to this, there are the new Port-a-Fortress and Spiky Stadium items, as well as a new Challenge Week for those who enjoy the PvE Save the World experience. Here’s what you need to know about the Fortnite 1.79 update, which does indeed demand a period of downtime!

Fortnite 1.79 Patch Notes Highlights

Easily the biggest change made with the Fortnite 1.79 update is the removal of the Getaway limited time mode. With its own challenges and very unique gameplay, this game type has entertained many players will its heist theme, while also providing rewards to the more dedicated thieves. Unfortunately, for those who were enjoying playing robbers and… robbers, the mode has been swapped out for Soaring Solos, which plays exactly like the classic mode, except for one big twist: players can re-deploy their gliders when falling from a tall-enough height. This can make for some crazy endgame scenarios, as we saw during the Soaring 50s mode, which implemented the exact same ruleset.

In addition to the Soaring Solos mode, the Fortnite 1.79 update also adds the Port-a-Fortress, which acts just like a souped-up Port-a-Fort. Additionally, there is now a Spiky Stadium item available exclusively in the Playground limited time mode. This spawns a 7×11 arena in which players can bounce around and try to murder one another. Nice!

For the full list of Fortnite 1.79 patch notes, including the boring (but still very much appreciated) bug fixes and minor changes, head here.