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Fortnite Balloon Item: What is the Fortnite Balloon Item?

The Fortnite 5.41 update has only just landed on consoles and PC, but dataminers have already seemingly unearthed next week’s cosmetics. There’s plenty to dissect from the latest update, but who are we to argue against speculating what is coming up in seven days’ time? One of the upcoming items expected to land is the Fortnite Balloon Item. What exactly is it though, and how will players use it?

Fortnite Balloon Item: What is the Fortnite Balloon Item?

According to dataminer extraordinaires over at FortniteBR on Twitter, it’s exactly what it sounds like. The Fortnite Balloon item is a red balloon, with a bit of rope attached to the end. You weren’t expecting anything elaborate from this, were you?

FortniteBR go on to state that the Fortnite Balloon Item finally has an icon and it comes with the caption “Rapid inflate balloons to help break your fall or soar to new heights”. Again, Fortnite players shouldn’t have to look into what could mean, as it’s plainly obvious.

Fortnite Balloon Item: How Exactly Can I Use the Fortnite Balloon Item?

If the caption is to be believed, you’ll be able to use the Fortnite Balloon Item to prevent yourself from unwanted damage if you fall from a great height. That could be an accidental slip off a cliff, missing a jump or being catapulted backwards by an enemy player’s throwing weapon.

The other use for the Fortnite Balloon Item will, naturally, allow you to glide above the map and scope out enemies from above. This might give you the edge in combat if you make it to higher ground, or get the jump on them. However, it’s almost certain that the Fortnite Balloon Item can be popped by bullets, so be aware when facing off against your foes – your greatest weapon could end up being your biggest weakness.