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Fortnite Balloon Llama and Battle Balloon: How to Get the Balloon Back Blings?

Every week there seems to be a big Fortnite leak. Tonnes of new skins, emotes, and other cosmetic items are leaked all the time. Today, we’re taking a look at two new leaked balloon Back Blings. There is the Fortnite Balloon Llama and the Fortnite Battle Balloon. Both look like they will be popular Back Blings thanks to their colorful, and amusing looks. What are the Fortnite balloon Back Blings? How can we get the leaked Back Blings?

Fortnite Balloon Llama and Battle Balloon: What are the Leaked Back Blings?

Fortnite Balloon Llama

As you can see from the image above, the new leaked Back Blings are both balloon-based. Both are based on popular iconography of Fortnite. The llama and Battle Bus are both synonymous with the game, and you’ll be able to wear them on your back soon. We can also imagine plenty of poor children’s entertainers being asked (forced) to make both of these balloons. Pray for the poor unhappy clowns as they’re forced to try and make the Battle Bus balloon.

Fortnite Llama Balloon and Battle Balloon: How to Get the New Back Blings

Unfortunately, both of these Back Blings are currently unreleased. The leaks suggest that they are both Epic Back Blings, but it isn’t yet known if they are separate purchases, or part of a costume. The new balloon Back Blings could very well be a part of the Nite Nite and Peekaboo skins (which are both clown-based). Chances are, however, that both the Llama Balloon and the Battle Balloon will be available to purchase as part of the daily Fortnite Item Shop rotation. As they are Epic Back Blings, they won’t come cheap. Expect to pay either 1,200 or 1,500 V-Bucks for one of these bad boys if it comes with an Epic skin. Perhaps the two balloon Back Blings will be bundled together however, which would offer something of a saving.

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