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Destiny 2 Iron Banner End Date, How to Join, Event Rewards, Available Bounties, and More

The Destiny 2 Crucible PvP mode that gets everyone pumped and primed and ready to fill opponents with space lead has made a return. In fact, the Destiny 2 Iron Banner event is back with a bang, as Bungie has seen fit to make some tweaks that will greatly effect how most players partake in the mode. Below, we’ll cover how to join the Iron Banner; the Iron Banner rewards and bounties; what the deal is with Iron Banner Tokens, and where to find Lord Saladin.

What is the Destiny 2 Iron Banner Event?

Bluntly, it’s a playlist designed to test you against the best of the best in Destiny 2. A monthly event, the Iron Banner sees a special playlist opened up with a very specific game type. Starting September 18, the Iron Banner game type is Control. Control entrusts two teams of six with controlling three points on a map.

This isn’t just standard Control, though. While it’s still first to 20,000 points, with your Control points being beefed up by 100 points for a kill and 75 points for a capture, you’re also going to be given the chance to play on the new Destiny 2 Crucible Convergence map, which is a re-skin of Pantheon, a map from the original Destiny.

After completing (and, hopefully, winning) games on this playlist, you’ll be given Iron Banner Tokens. Once you’ve accrued enough- typically, 20- you’ll be able to increase your reputation, so you can cash in and pick up some exclusive Iron Engrams. You can also purchase Iron Engrams by using the Tokens themselves, or through Legendary Shards.

There is, however, a big change forthcoming, as Iron Banner power levels will now affect how much damage you dish out to an opponent. Basically, the fine margins count and, unless you’re at the very top end, you’re going to struggle to make a dent during some games, so be warned.

How to Join the Destiny 2 Iron Banner Event:

There are three key things you need to do before you can join the Destiny 2 Iron Banner event:

  • Reach level 20 and complete the main campaign
  • Visit Lord Saladin in the Tower. To find him, land in the Tower using your Director and immediately turn right. Head up the flight of stairs and around the corner; you will find him standing in front of a flaming insignia. If you’re having trouble finding Lord Saladin, pause the game, find his icon and press “Track.”
  • Go to Crucible by bringing up the Director, and head to the Iron Banner playlist

When is the Destiny 2 Iron Banner End Date?

The end date is set at September 25 at 10:00 a.m. PST/1:00 p.m. EST/6:00 p.m. BST, though it is expected to return again next month.

What are the Destiny 2 Iron Banner Rewards?

All items listed below cost 10 Legendary Shards and 10 Iron Banner Tokens each and are scaled up, depending on your current Power Level.

  • Cloak of Remembrance (Prerequisite: Complete Lightbearer Bounty)
  • Iron Remembrance Strides (Prerequisite: Complete In the Zone Bounty)
  • Iron Remembrance Grips (Prerequisite: Complete Iron in the Blood Bounty)
  • Iron Remembrance Vest (Prerequisite: Complete Shine On Bounty)
  • Iron Remembrance Casque (Prerequisite: Complete Iron Victory Bounty)
  • Talons of the Eagle Scout Rifle (Prerequisite: Complete To Be Precise Bounty)
  • Swarm of the Raven Grenade Launcher (Prerequisite: Complete Unrelenting Bounty)

What are the Destiny 2 Iron Banner Bounties

Completing a single bounty will net you 25 Iron Banner Tokens and Legendary Gear, unless stated:

  • Lightbearer: Land 25 Super final blows
  • In the Zone: 50 Captures
  • Iron in the Blood: Complete 30 matches
  • Shine On: Generate 100 Orbs of Light
  • Iron Victory: Win 10 matches
  • To be Precise: Land 100 precision final blows (Powerful Gear)
  • Unrelenting: Land 15 final blows while your team has a Power Play active (Powerful Gear)