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Destiny 2 1.26 Update: What’s Changed in the New Hotfix?

The Destiny 2 1.26 update, confusingly known by Bungie as the 2.03 update, comes bearing gifts. What does the new Destiny 2 hotfix have in store for us? If you guessed Triumph fixes, Crucible changes, and so much more then you’re on the right track. Below, we’ve got the gateway to the Destiny 2 1.26 update patch notes, as well as a look at what’s changed in the new Destiny 2 hotfix.

Destiny 2 1.26 Update: Main Hotfix Changes

A big one for most players will undoubtedly be the inclusion of reconnection in competitive Crucible games. No longer are you left to ponder what could’ve been should your connection drop out. Instead, if you can reconnect and the match is still active, you can re-join with no penalization, which is nice.

While we’re on useful fixes, the Traveler’s Sidearm bug, which meant players couldn’t dismantle or send the weapon to the vault has now been amended. It’s a fine keepsake, but not one you want to keep with you at all times, that’s for sure.

The Trace Rifle Mastery Triumph has also been temporarily removed.

Destiny 2 1.26 Update: Download Size

Not a big one this week. The Destiny 2 1.26 update download size weighs in at only around 546MB on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. However, PS4 users may encounter slow “copying” times after downloading the update or, worse still, being met with a message about not being able to download the update at all. To rectify that, you’re going to have to clear some space on your console’s hard drive. It’s a temporary fix, but one that undoubtedly works.

Destiny 2 1.26 Update: Patch Notes

Here at GameRevolution, we’re here to cherry-pick and zero in on key aspects of updates, not bore you and blind you with reams of patch notes. That being said, if you want to see them, you can click the link for Destiny 2 1.26 patch notes.