Hannah Montana: The Movie Game Xbox360 Cheats


Unlockable                                    How to Unlock
Big Spender (100)Buy 100 articles of clothing.
Bullseye (50)Win the Horse Races game at the Fair against three of your friends.
Champion Rider (50)Ride Blue Jeans 10 times at Ruby's Farm.
Coop Fixer Upper (100)Completely finish the chicken coop for Travis.
Crowley Meadows (150)Save Crowley Meadows.
Expert Frog Launcher (50)Get over 100 points on the Frog hop game at the Fair.
Fashion Designer (50)Decorate 30 items with the Hannah Box fashion designer.
Hoedown Throwdown (50)Perform the Hoedown Throwdown at Meadow Hall.
Perfect Aim (50)Win the Bottle Toss game at the Fair.
Professional (100)Earn a 5 Star rating for a performance.
Rockstar (100)Earn a 5 Star rating on each stage.
Superstar (150)Earn a 5 Star rating on all songs.